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What is Aperture cards and Aperture cards Scanner


In olden times, it was difficult for engineers and technical people to store their data which was mostly in pictorial forms such as drawings and draught charts. And later, with the introduction of aperture cards it became easier for them to store their technical information which was inexpensive and very confidential.

Aperture cards contained a mounted chip film placed over a cut out window. The data was stored in the films of these aperture cards. However, with the introduction of digital formats data storing and retrieving, it became very tough to retrieve the information from the aperture cards which had data stored in analog format which required many older equipment’s to retrieve the information.

Some of the data scanning services companies have come up with the technology to scan the data in the aperture cards. Through aperture card scanning services the information it contained could be stored as digital files. This technology is used inĀ Aperture cards Scanners for scanning.