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Electrical contacts Equipment for Factories


Last week, some of the electrical equipment’s in my factory including few motors and transformers had got repaired. When we checked it out we found that the reason for the repair was the burning of the machine coils and winding’s due to excess of fault currents which had occurred due to electrical power leakage in the electrical contacts.

We contacted the suppliers of our electrical contacts and got the damaged electrical contacts replaced. However, this week the same thing occurred and the manufacturing unit had to stop its operations. And finally it had become clear to us that the electrical contacts supplied to us were made up of very poor quality materials and were not up to the industrial standards.

It was not just a manufacturing defect but a defect of the quality assurance too. Later, my factory people realized the importance of buying the electrical contacts from leading manufacturers of electrical contacts and got them replaced with new ones bought through online from the website of a trusted electrical contacts manufacturers and suppliers.